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Journal of Research in Pharmacy 2022 , Vol 26 , Issue 5
Review Article
Biomedical application of microemulsion delivery systems: A review Review Article
Pages 1052-1064 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.203
Review: mRNA delivery systems in vaccinations and COVID-19 Review Article
Pages 1084-1101 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.205
DNA intercalators alkaloids as Potential candidates to fight COVID-19 disease: Systematic review Review Article
Pages 1102-1111 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.206
Research Article
Synergistic antifungal potential of fluconazole-based cardamom oil oral microemulsion formulation against C. albicans Research Article
Pages 1065-1083 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.204
Formulation and in-vitro evaluation of emulsion loaded topical gel for the enhancement of diffusion through the skin for the treatment of skin irritation Research Article
Pages 1112-1124 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.207
Formulation and evaluation of emulgel containing Sucralfate and Dimethicone; A novel transdermal pharmaceutical dosage form Research Article
Pages 1125-1137 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.208
Formulation development and evaluation of modified oral drug delivery system of tolterodine tartrate microsponges Research Article
Pages 1138-1155 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.209
Effect of surfactant types and concentrations on levofloxacin-loaded PLGA microparticles for pulmonary delivery – An in vitro study Research Article
Pages 1156-1176 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.210
Effects of Surfactants on Albumin Nanoparticles Research Article
Pages 1177-1189 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.211
Cross-linking with multifunctional excipients and its effect on the physicochemical properties and release profile of ibuprofen-loaded Digitaria exilis starch nanoparticles Research Article
Pages 1190-1201 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.212
Orodispersible tablets of telmisartan through cyclodextrin-surfactant complexation: A quality by design approach Research Article
Pages 1202-1213 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.213
Formulation optimization and evaluation of oral thin film of bilastine for the treatment of allergic conditions Research Article
Pages 1214-1229 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.214
Design of Metformin HCl and Moxifloxacin HCl Loaded Thermosensitive In Situ Gel Research Article
Pages 1230-1241 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.215
Preparation and Characterization Studies of Nanofiber and Orodispersable Film Formulations of Enoxolone Research Article
Pages 1242-1251 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.216
Formulation and evaluation of intimate wash containing manuka oil and salix bark extract Research Article
Pages 1252-1260 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.217
Antiestrogenic and toxicological evaluation of methanolic extract of Saraca asoca and Cynometra travancorica Research Article
Pages 1261-1271 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.218
In vitro inhibitory activity of Annona squamosa leaves against enzymes associated with metabolic disorders Research Article
Pages 1272-1280 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.219
Determination and comparison of metal contents in simulated body fluid medium conditions of the plant species by flame atomic absorption spectrometry (FAAS) Research Article
Pages 1281- 1294 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.220
Formulation and scrutinization of a polyherbal combination containing Berberis aristata, Andrographis paniculata and Thevetia peruviana for its in vitro antioxidant and anti-cancer potential Research Article
Pages 1295-1303 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.221
Which Humulus lupulus drug samples meet the European Pharmacopoeia criteria: Cultivated, obtained from the herbalists or online shopping sites in Turkey? Research Article
Pages 1304-1316 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.222
In vivo Diuretic Activity of Teucrium polium L. Aerial Parts Ethanolic Extract in Wistar Rats Research Article
Pages 1317-1322 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.223
Ameliorative effect of L-Glutamic acid against CCl4- induced oxidative stress in rat's brain and spleen Research Article
Pages 1323-1330 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.224
Protective effects of olive cake against heart and kidney injury in dexamethasone-induced hypertensive rats Research Article
Pages 1331-1341 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.225
Assessment of Saccharomyces boulardii effect on rats Staphylococcus aureus induced skin infection: an in-vivo study Research Article
Pages 1342-1351 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.226
Brain in metabolic syndrome model: The effect of exercises and caloric restriction Research Article
Pages 1352-1362 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.227
Investigation of the protective and therapeutic efficacy of Myrtus communis extract in aluminum chloride and Dgalactose- induced Alzheimer's disease in rats Research Article
Pages 1363- 1374 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.242
The potency of obestatin in improving kidney functions and apoptosis in rats with cisplatin-induced acute kidney injury Research Article
Pages 1375-1385 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.228
Investigation of Atorvastatin interaction with human serum albumin: evaluation of pH effect and competitive binding with warfarin Research Article
Pages 1386-1402 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.232
Chemometrics-assisted content uniformity evaluation of extemporaneous preparation containing ambroxol HCl, pseudoephedrine HCl, and triprolidine HCl Research Article
Pages 1403- 1410 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.233
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Ticagrelor in Jordanian Patients. Development of Physiologically-Based Pharmacokinetic (PBPK) Model and Validation of Class IV Drugs of Salivary Excretion Classification System (SECS) Research Article
Pages 1411-1419 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.234
QSAR and pharmacophore models for screening antiinflammatory activity among substituted (pyrrolо[1,2- a][1,2,4]triazino[2,3-c]quinazoline-5a-yl)carboxylic acids Research Article
Pages 1420-1431 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.235
Benzofuran fused phenyl pyrimidine/pyrazole schiff base derivatives as bioactive agents: anticancer, antimicrobial and molecular docking studies Research Article
Pages 1432-1442 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.236
Development and validation of an HPLC method for simultaneous determination of imatinib mesylate and rifampicin Research Article
Pages 1443-1452 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.237
Synthesis of novel pyrazoline derivatives and evaluation of their antimicrobial activity Research Article
Pages 1453-1460 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.238
Inhibitory effects of novel 3(2H)pyridazinone-triazole derivatives against acetylcholinesterase enzyme Research Article
Pages 1461-1471 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.239
Determination of Diltiazem Hydrochloride using Paperbased ECL sensor Research Article
Pages 1472-1483 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.240
Electrochemical determination of cefotaxime, a cephalosporin group drug, at a boron-doped diamond electrode Research Article
Pages 1484-1492 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.241
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