Editor-in-Chief Hatice Kübra Elçioğlu Vice Editors Levent Kabasakal Esra Tatar Online ISSN 2630-6344 Publisher Marmara University Frequency Bimonthly (Six issues / year) Abbreviation J.Res.Pharm. Former Name Marmara Pharmaceutical Journal
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Design and synthesis of some new heterocyclic benzylidene hydrazide derivatives for their antileishmanial activity
Pages 131-137 DOI : 10.12991/201317381
A facile in silico drug design strategy based on reference listed drugs and computational modeling of novel anticancer therapeutics
Pages 1067-1078 DOI : 10.35333/jrp.2019.71
Class I histone deacetylase inhibition by aryl butenoic acid derivatives: In silico and in vitro studies
Pages 952-959 DOI : 10.35333/jrp.2019.42
Novel nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds in GPR109A as an anti-hyperlipidemic: Homology modeling, docking, dynamic simulation studies
Pages 452-463 DOI : 10.35333/jrp.2020.193
Synthesis, in silico studies and cytotoxicity evaluation of novel 1,3,4-oxadiazole derivatives designed as potential mPGES-1 inhibitors
Pages 436-451 DOI : 10.35333/jrp.2020.187
Design, synthesis, antifungal activity, and QM/MM docking study of two azole derivatives with indole ring
Pages 681-692 DOI : 10.35333/jrp.2020.223
Molecular modeling and assessment of cytotoxic and apoptotic potentials of imatinib analogues featuring (thio)urea motifs in human leukemia and lymphoma cells
Pages 801-811 DOI : 10.35333/jrp.2020.239
Pyrrolо[1,2-a]azolo-(azino-)[c]quinazolines and their derivatives as 15-LOX inhibitors: Design, in vitro studies and QSAR-analysis
Pages 540-548 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.44
Bioflavonoids as potential target inhibitors in COVID-19: An in silico analysis
Pages 982-997 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.94
Molecular modelling studies to suggest novel scaffolds against SARS-CoV-2 target enzymes
Pages 1010-1017 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.96
Evaluation of molnupiravir analogues as novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) inhibitors – an in silico docking and ADMET simulation study
Pages 967-981 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.93
Molecular docking, molecular dynamic and drug-likeness studies of natural flavonoids as inhibitors for SARS-CoV-2 main protease (Mpro)
Pages 998-1009 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.95
Pyrazine-chromene-3-carbohydrazide conjugates: Molecular docking and ADMET predictions on dual-acting compounds against SARS-CoV-2 Mpro and RdRp
Pages 953-966 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.92
Role of nitrogen containing heterocyclic compounds in acyl Co-A carboxylase carboxyltransferase: Docking with dynamic simulation studies
Pages 035-043 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.101
Novel substituted oxadiazole - piperazine derivatives as potential MAO inhibitors: Design, synthesis, in vitro and in silico studies
Pages 020-027 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.99
A hybrid ligand and structure-based virtual screening of NCI compound library identifies potential SAPT1 inhibitors
Pages 617-624 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.159
Investigation of Atorvastatin interaction with human serum albumin: evaluation of pH effect and competitive binding with warfarin
Pages 1386-1402 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.232
Benzofuran fused phenyl pyrimidine/pyrazole schiff base derivatives as bioactive agents: anticancer, antimicrobial and molecular docking studies
Pages 1432-1442 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.236
Inhibitory effects of novel 3(2H)pyridazinone-triazole derivatives against acetylcholinesterase enzyme
Pages 1461-1471 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.239
QSAR and Molecular Docking of Pyrimidine Derivatives Against Plasmodium falciparum dihydrofolate reductase-thymidylate synthase (PfDHFR-TS)
Pages 1723-1735 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.284
Euphorbia neriifolia L. phytochemical lead compounds discovered using pharmacoinformatic methods as possible SARS CoV-2 main protease inhibitors
Pages 157-172 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.300
Biological evaluation and molecular docking of Indonesian Gracilaria salicornia as antioxidant agents
Pages 207-220 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.304
Docking-based workflow and ADME prediction of some compounds in Curcuma longa and Andrographis paniculata as polymerase PA-PB1 inhibitors of influenza A/H5N1 virus
Pages 221-231 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.305
In silico evaluation of potential murine M49 DNA aptamer on ORF7a of SARS-COV-2: A similar target
Pages 232-240 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.306
In vitro, in silico and in vivo screening of non-oncology drugs for repurposing in osteosarcoma
Pages 712-721 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.354
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