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Marmara Pharmaceutical Journal 2017 , Vol 21 , Issue 1
Determination of haloperidol drug in ampoules and in urine samples using a potentiometric PVC-membrane and graphite coated wire electrodes
Hazem Abu Shawish1, Hassan Tamous2, Asma A. Shaheen3, Khaled I. Abed Almonem4, Ahmed Awad Elgamel5, Wael S. Al-lham6
1Chemistry Department, College of Sciences, Al-Aqsa University, Gaza, Palestine
2Chemistry Department, Al-Azhar University, Gaza, Palestine
3Pharmacy College, University of Palestine
4Health Professions, University College of Applied Science, Gaza, Palestine
5Institute of Forensic Evidence Sciences, the National Ribat University, Suda
6Forensic Laboratory, Gaza, Palestine
DOI : 10.12991/marupj.259888 A new PVC membrane, called sensor P, and graphite coated wire, called sensor g, for haloperidol drug (HP) are described. The electrodes P and C exhibit a Nernstian slope of 57.4±0.8 and 61.1±0.4 mV per decade over a wide concentration range from 3.7×10-6–1.0×10-2 mol/L and 5.8 x 10-7 – 1.0 x 10-2 mol/L and the limit of detection (LO D) of 1.6 × 10-6 mol/L and 4.2×10-7 mol/L over the pH range of 2.5–7.5 and 2.5-8.0 respectively. The presented sensors show a very good selectivity for HP drug over the common interfering chemical species. The proposed electrodes were successfully used for determination of HP drug in ampoules and in urine samples with satisfactory results. Keywords : Potentiometry; Haloperidol drug; coated wire electrode; PVC membranes electrode; Ion-selective electrode
Marmara University