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Marmara Pharmaceutical Journal 1996 , Vol 12 , Issue 2
Esad Şerefeddin Köprülü (1866-1942) and his botanical works
Asuman Baytop,Feza Günergun
The teaching of botany in Turkey started in the medical school founded during the nineteenth century. Botany lessons were also given in the Mekteb-i Harbiye (Imperial School of Military Arts) and the Darülfünun (University), which were the Ottoman institutions of higher education. The first lecturers of botany in civil and military medical schools were Dr.Charles A.Bernard (1808-1844), the Sultan’s chief physician Salih Efendi (1816-1895) and Dr. Mehmed Ali Paşa (1843-1916?). One of the Turkish botanists who pursued the studies of these three leading teachers was Dr. Esad Şerefeddin Köprülü (1866-1942).

In this paper, the life, works publications of Dr. Esad Şerefeddin, who thought botany between 1889 and 1933 in the military and civil medical schools and in the faculties of medicine and science of the Darülfünun, are examined. His publications are as follows: Mebadi-i İlmi-i Nebatat (Introduction to Botany,1901), Nebatat-ı Tıbbiye Dersleri (Medical Botany Courses,1909), İlm-i Nebatat (Botany,1912), Nebatat-ı Saydelaniye (Pharmaceutical Botany,1912), Hafi İlkahlı Nebatlar (The Cryptograms, 1917), İlkah-ı Hafi Nebatlar (The Cryptogams, 1924-26), Muhtasar Nebatat (A Short Textbook of Botany, 1926/1927). He also published articles in Darülfünun Tıp Fakültesi Mecmuası (Journal of the Darülfünun Faculty of Medicine) and in Darülfünun Fen Fakültesi Mecmuası (Journal of the Darülfünun Faculty of Science) in 1916, 1917 and 1924.

Through his books on systematic and medical botany written with reference to French texts, he introduced this science to the students of secondary and higher educations in Turkey. His books and the botanical gardens he founded show that he was a dedicated teacher of this discipline. He also rendered valuable services as head-doctor in various military hospitals during the war years, especially in Balkan War (1912-13) and the First World War (1914-18). Keywords :

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