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Journal of Research in Pharmacy 1997 , Vol 13 , Issue 2
Gas chromatographic determination of chlorinated hydrocarbons residue in drinking water of Istanbul after enrichment by solid phase extraction
Mahmure Üstün Özgür,Alper Mert Acar,Günay Bağ
Chlorinated hydrocarbons (such as DDT, BHC, Dieldrin) are not biodegra dable and persist for prolonged periods in the environment. These compounds are extremely lipid soluble and therefore, accumulate in body adipose tissues and are classified as neurotoxic.

This practical research has been carried out in order to investigate the chlorinated hydrocarbons residue in drinking water of Istanbul.

Water samples were enriched by using C 18 SPE (Solid Phase Extraction) column and then they were analyzed by using GC/ECD (Gas Chromatography/ Electron Capture Dedection) system with a coloumn containing 1.5% OV-17 + 1.95% OV-210. Keywords : Chlorinated hydrocarbons, solid phase extraction, drinking water

Marmara University