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Marmara Pharmaceutical Journal 1993 , Vol 9 , Issue 1
partial purification and antibacterial effects of Brassica oleracea var. acephala extract and investigations of its effects on the plasma proteins of mus musculus Balb/c mice
Ersin Bayrakdar,Ertuğrul Yurtsever,Turay Yardımcı
When the antibacterial activity of the extract was examined using the difusion method against the standard bacteria strains obtained from ATCC, it has been observed that the extract has inhibited the multiplication of the E.coli, E. hirac, S.aureus, B. sublitis and B.cereus. The extract caused increase in total plasma protein level after 15 days treatment from 40.01± 1.72 mg/ ml (n=10). In the mice with solid EAT, the total plasma protein level was 46.06 ± 1.45 mg/ml while in the normal mice was 40.35 ± 1.71 mg/ ml. The total protein level in plasma was determined by Lowry method. When plasma protein distribution was examined with DAVIS- PAGE, increases were detected in albumin and γ - globulin fractions after extract treatment for 15 days, these increases were statistically significant (n= 7). The plasma protein distribution was also examined with isocratic HPLC, 55000 Da protein was detected in the plasma of EAT mice and in the plasma of 15 days extract applies normal mice, the protein disappeared in EAT mice after the treatment with the extract. When plasma proteins were examined with SDS- PAGE, 4 proteins which have molecular weights of 10000, 17000, 52000, 65000 Da were detected. The 95% cut (NH4)2SO4 precipitation of the extract and dialysis gave 9500, 15500, 55000, 66000 Da proteins. After eceton precipitation of the extract only one protein with a molecular weight of 63000 Da was isolated. When 20mg extract /0.5 ml phosphate buffer (0.1 M, pH=7), was applied to HPLC column as 25 μl, only one protein which has a molecular weight of 65000 Da was detected. Keywords :
Marmara University